Miui 11 to Miui 12 Changes [Pic Mode]

Faster & More Smoother from miui 11, a lots of changes in UI , additional new features Added..

Home Screen

New animation with super wallpaper and animated icon is just wow, very smooth and most attractive..
Updater Page

Just Miui 12 Logo & some menu changes


New & Better Ui from previous version,more convinced to use.
File Manager

New UI , with easy to use features,more smooth and faster from previous one

Screen OnTime

Now showing graphically and looking very good from previous version
Security Apps

New Options are added
Miui Info Page

Some new information, storage options moved with animated..
Weather App

New Ui with animated weather like rain falling
Camera App

The best part is camera app,fully changed ui & new more features added, customize option by your self..
Quick Settings/Notification Panel

Now miui has inspired from iOS like quick settings pannel & best part is the floating windows features, that's awesome..

If u ask what is the best features ?

Theare are many fetaures added in miui 12,huge changes from miui 11..but i have some features that is my best part of miui 12 ..

  1. Floating windows
  2. New camera app
  3. New Animation
  4. New File manager
  5. New Settings App
  6. Quick Settings

Comment below which is the best features from your site..

Miui China Beta Download Link :-Miui 12 Download

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