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Get I-Phone X Style Navigation Grestures for All Android Device

Everyone want i phone x style grestures, so recently xda devlopers brings a i phone x style gresture apk for android devices..just check given bellow to more details..

Jealous of the cool new gesture navigation feature on the Apple iPhone X and Android P?
With Navigation Gestures, you don't have to go out and buy a new phone if you want to change the way you use your phone. This app brings gesture navigation to any Android device!

Best of all, with Navigation Gestures you can completely hide the stock navigation bar
without root! This is the only gesture control app with this feature.

Swipe left, right, up, or down. Swipe up and hold. Tap. Double tap. Long press. There's a lot of ways you can interact with the gesture bar to control your phone. Don’t like how the gesture bar looks? You can customize its appearance! Here’s what you can

- Change pill width
- Change pill height
- Change pill vertical position

You can also customize the action for each gesture, as follows:
Free actions:

- Go back
- Go home
- Open multitasking screen
- Open Assistant
- Switch to previous app (requires Nougat+)
- Hide pill

And if you purchase the premium addon, you get access to the following:

- Split screen (requires Nougat+)
- Pull down notifications
- Pull down quick settings
- Open power menu
- Media: play previous track*
- Media: play next track*
- Media: play/pause current track*

* Media actions are not guaranteed to work with every app. Media actions use standard Android APIs to work with most apps.



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