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Top 5 Best Substratum Themes!

The most popular, modularized theming engine for the Android ecosystem!

Perhaps one of CyanogenMod's greatest features was its built-in theme engine. It wasn't perfect, but it got the job done and gave users a unique look. Now that CyangenMod is defunct, and the developers behind its successor, LineageOS, have confirmed they won't be continuing the theme engine, users have to find another way to theme their devices. No need to fear, though, Substratum is here.

Substratum theme engine is an active theming solution being developed by the very same team that brought you many popular CM13 themes. It's fully functional on LineageOS, as well as almost any AOSP-based custom ROM, plus it can even theme the stock firmware on devices that use a vanilla Android interface. As long as you're rooted, installation is incredibly simple, so I'll show you how it works below

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♛ A substratum theme including 90+ dark and pitch black epic theme combinations

PitchBlack is a widely-known full featured dark and black android theme . Providing many apps and ROM support , perfecting the balance between materialism, minimalism and various epic color combinations. 

The best and most customizable Transparent theme for Substratum! (Oreo support)Like a glass!! 

This is Transparent Oreo/Nougat theme for Substratum theme engine. Many apps of your rom will become transparent! You can choose a wallpaper and use it as background for your apps. Every time you change wallpaper, you have a new theme! I suggest to try this theme also with live wallpapers. The level of personalization allowed has really no limits! You can customize everything! Colors, styles and more. All details below in the description! You won't find a better transparent / clear theme than this very easily!

A Open-Source Substratum theme made with ❤️ by #TEAMCARDINAL

We have seen most of the users using Stock Android device. If you want to try something dark, smooth and stock, then this is the best and free theme. This theme allows the users to change the systemUI to the dark mode including settings, apps and play store. Default dark theme is the free theme which you can give a try on your device. Default dark theme doesn’t change the navigation bar because the main aim of this theme is to make it look like stock.

 Flux Theme is the another best theme which allows the users to enjoy the dark mode. There are beautiful vector images in this theme. Flux has high-quality vector images. If you want to try something unique and modern, then we will suggest you download this theme on your device. If you are looking for blue pixel theme, then you should try on your device.

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