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Cardinal-AOSP Oreo 8.0 (Perfect Stable Rom) for Redmi Note 4/4x(mido)

Cardinal-AOSP is a Custom ROM which was initially based on AOSPB, then we changed our mind and rebased it to AOSP-RRO, to get better compatibility with most of the devices. And now we are based on AOSP on oreo. The main aim of this ROM is to bring stock AOSP experience as much as possible while maintaining performance, smoothness and good battery backup. I hope that you'll all love this project, and help us, shape it even more better. Meanwhile, all of our sources are publicly available on our Github. We also do own a Google+ Community, where you can.... uhm... you know, do what all others do at forums and communities! Hope you enjoy your stay and like our work on Cardinal-AOSP.

Note:- All Credits & Thanks go to the Devloper & Xda Forum

Satish Raju
XDA Forum


Changes on top of AOSP:
• QS Tiles: Adb over network, Caffeine, Screenshot, Reboot, Sound, Volume, PiP, Headsup, compass, Accidental touch
• Cardinal logo on statusbar
• Signature spoofing support for MicroG
• Comes with Pixel/Stock theme
• Comes with Margarita substratum theme
• Reboot to recovery/bootloader in powermenu
• Latest Ringtones/Effects tones from Pixel image
• Allow lower temp for night light
• Accept All files over bluetooth option
• Volume Adjustments Sound
• Add SystemUI Tuner features into Wings
• Disabled RescueParty
• Enable Custom shapes option on Launcher3
• Enable Developer option by default
• Launcher3 Gestures
• Screenshot sound toggle
• Reset Battery Stats
• Ship with Jelly browser
• L/R IME/Music Cursors
• VoLTE icon toggle
• DND Tile enhancements
• HSPA+ icon
• Add/Remove tiles with one click

• Wake on Plug
• Sensor block-per package
• In call vibrations

*Status Bar*
• Secured QS
• QS title visibility
• Custom QS layout configuration
• Headsup toggle
• Headsup whitelist/blacklist
• IME Selector notification toggle
• Battery light/Notification light options
• Network traffic meter
• DT2S on Statusbar

• Volume button wake
• Volume button music control
• Dynamic software Navigationbar/Hardware keys toggle
• Pixel Navbar animation
• Accidental touch
• Button backlight controls
• Custom Key rebindings
• Option to Disable Home key when ringing

*Lock Screen*
• option to hide lockscreen shortcut on secured lockscreen
• Lockscreen media art toggle
• Option to unlock with FP directly after reboot
• Fingerprint Authentication vibration toggle

• Clear all FAB option

#Fingerprint ( Fpc & Goodix )
#BT ( Calls & Media )



Cardinal-AOSP Rom Link(sourcforge) Click Here 👈
Gapps Click Here 👈

Note:-Chose Arm 64 Gapps Package for Ur Choise( I Use Arm64 Nano) 


  • Download The Rom & Google Apps
  • Place On Intelnal storage
  • Switch Off Ur Phone
  • Go To Twrp Recovery By Pressing Vol Up + Lock Key
  • After Recovery Open
  • Click On Wipe
  • Tick ✅ On
  • Wipe System, Data, Dalvik Cache
  • Then Click on Back 🔙 Button
  • Go To Install Option
  • Select Downloaded Rom Zip File
  • Flash It
  • Wait 2-3 Minit.. & Flash Gapps Package 
  • Then Click On Wipe Dalvik,Cache
  • Reboot System 
  • Wait 2-3 It Will Successfully Boot Up.. 
  • That's It 


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Thanks, Have a Good Day.


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  1. hey Man, when i am unzip this file in twrp its showing error... its give not for this model...i have indian model of redmi note 4(3+32).

    can you please help?


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